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The list and explanations below are a brief overview of some of what we can offer in terms of assistance.

The most important thing to remember is whether it’s a malpractice case or a regulatory board action you do not have to face it alone.

Whatever it is, chances are that someone else has already gone through it and we have helped in some way. You are not alone. 

Review of Records: Records Reviews are an extremely important and oftentimes tedious aspect of expert witness consulting. These may include the review and analysis of a variety of documents that are discussed separately herein.


Reports: These might include reports already written by the plaintiff’s experts. Reports written by a board of examiners or by an IME.


Depositions: Hopefully we were consulted before depositions were taken, but if not, then crucial information can be gained by reviewing depositions of the plaintiff or their expert witnesses. If your deposition was taken then crucial information about strengths and weaknesses in your testimony needs to be discussed. This information could be essential in the case of a trial if the attorney is unfamiliar with chiropractic, especially subluxation-based chiropractic.


Patient Records: These will need to be reviewed in all cases of malpractice accusations, board complaints involving patients and IME issues. This is a major area where errors occur and the entire case may hinge on your records.


Patient Complaints: In instances where a patient has filed a complaint with a state board the actual written complaint itself will need to be reviewed. Also, you will need to make available any rebuttals that you wrote to the state board or rebuttals/correspondence from you to the patient.


Expert Witness Statements: These are generally included with the filing of a malpractice complaint. We will need to review any statements already rendered by one of your expert witnesses and all statements, reviews and other documentation rendered by the plaintiff’s experts.


State Board Complaints: These are the actual complaints, letters and correspondence either outlining the specific complaint and charges against you or letters and correspondence from the Board of jurisdictional authority requesting information from you.


State & Provincial Laws, Statutes & Regulations: It might be necessary for us to review, in detail, your particular state law to determine how it addresses the standard of care and the care you rendered. Some state laws are very lengthy and reviewing them can be a very tedious but necessary issue.


Literature Searching: This may be necessary if your case involves a controversial topic or if we simply need to search the literature for supportive literature and/or references to help defend your position. It might also be used to find literature to thwart the accusations against you in a malpractice case or state board action.


Literature Gathering and Interpretation: Once the literature is found it must be gathered. This can be a tedious and time consuming process involving going to libraries requesting copies of articles, ordering the articles, gathering articles over the internet and then ultimately reviewing those articles and determining their value to your case.


Referrals to Appropriate Experts: Your case may need additional expert witness support depending on its nuances and circumstances. Perhaps you need an expert in a specific technique, or you need an attorney who focuses on a particular area of the law. We can make recommendations for this or in any case help guide you where to look.


Depositions: We are available in instances where you or your attorney, or other party, request to depose us as your expert witness.


Expert Witness Testimony: We are available in case you or your attorney request that we appear on your behalf in court or be present and give testimony at a state or provincial board hearing.


Deposition & Trial Preparation for the Defendant: We are available if you or your attorney would like advice or coaching for you in order to prepare you for a deposition or trial.


Risk Management Analysis: You’ve worked too hard and too long to build your practice or put a new one together to have an adverse event tear it apart. Malpractice suits, board actions, patient complaints etc are a fact of life. We can help you analyze your practice, tell you where your potential risks are and offer solutions to help you sleep soundly.

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